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When I was ten, I never imagined that I would see this scenery. This picture was taken from a friend’s house in Oslo on the day after Christmas.

Thanks to SNS, I re-encountered an old 4th grade classmate after 30 long years. But to be honest, I was not particularly fond of school. So I didn’t expect so much from this re-encounter. Against the odds, it was actually so nice to see him again. As soon as we started talking, I felt as if we were in our school yard or class room. The conversation was very pleasant. Then I remembered that we had no status nor career and we just simply lived our everyday life back in these days. Whether we can laugh together, what we like to do or what vegetable we cannot eat… was what mattered most in childhood. Our life was simple.

In fact, the thing I can remember so well of him was that he ate a whole raw carrot and got 500 yen as a reward. We were so impressed by the story. Our life was so simple! A carrot has brought me to Oslo. Who could predict that?

photographed in dec/2016

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