midnight snack

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After bar hopping, a midnight snack in Japan is, no doubt, ramen, but in Germany it will be kebab. In both cases, it is a classic example of insanity, taking an advantage of a drunken delusion of wanting to satisfy hunger, which is a false feeling most of the time… So, when I saw this sign in Oslo, I couldn’t help staring at it as it didn’t quite smell like a midnight snack affair I wondered whether it meant “madness of a midnight snack” or “innocent joy of kebab”. This two-sides-of-the-same-coin kind of feel drew my attention. The meaning the smile will be completely different depending on whether “hee hee hee” or “hoo hoo hoo”, in other words, tippler or sober.

Then a random thought occurred to me. What is Oslo’s midnight snack? One thing I can tell is that you may have to pay a chunk of money for one small kebab. So, it can be a good idea to grab one as a midnight snack, if you need to sober up in Oslo…

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