little intruders

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I was called into the principal’s office when I was in junior high. When this school building emerged in the dark while walking down the street in the night, I got a memory flashback.

Two girl friends and I had a secret crush on senior students and made a plan to sneak into their classroom one afternoon. I found a desk of my favourite person but couldn’t find anything but a pencil case. I was very disappointed. After pondering what to pick in it, I decided to take just an eraser. Clearly, my earning was very low.

When a big disappointment was about to push us to leave, we heard somebody walking in the hallway. I was extremely panicked and hit my hip on the corner of the desk. “Who is it!” The voice of the footsteps shouted loudly, and we got caught unfortunately… To our surprise, it was the headmaster himself. “What are you doing here?” I still remember the look on his face very well, which was a mixture of surprise and relief. I even felt like hearing his inner voice, “Thank God, they are just little girls”.

Next day, we were called into the principal’s office. Since we were all ‘good’ students, classmates were suspicious and wondering “What did they do?” —What happened after all was just a gentle complainant from the principal however this is the one of few heroic stories in my school days.

photographed in jan/2021

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