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At a dusty parking lot reminiscent of the spagehtti wertern, there was a crowd dressed up in a wertern shirts with a cowboyhat. Following where they went, I entered a room of an extensive buffet filled with spare ribs, bacon and sausages, coleslaw, hot-dogs, cornbread and so on. The classic american style that looked like something out of a magazine. After enjoying the cheerful meal, people were slowly headding over to the main venue, rodeo!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Hearing it in my head, I was trying to follow the flow. While, on the contrary, the locals knew their way around, and as if they were going to a Bon Festival, they looked so relaxed. I believe I must have been looked a little out of place.

If you live long enough, your past experience will mostly come to the rescue of you at the troubled situations. But if you are in a froreign country, it is not infrequentily that you could encounter a situation which you don’t know your way aruond and cannot improvise very well. To experience something new will make you nervous, especailly when you are already a grown-up. This rodeo experience in the States was, indeed, one of these situations.

A faded colourful stall, french fries illuminated with an orange light of a food warmer and a souvenir shop that you cannot find anything you want to buy. These ensembles of visuals made me feel as if I slipped into a David Lynch’s film. Since the ‘ceremony before the real performance’ gave me such a strong impact, the actual rodeo experience was little fade in my memory… sorry cowboy!

photographed in jul/2018

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