sound of home: stobreč=yokohama

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Croatia-Split, Travel




Strong summer sun, temperature over 30℃ and the drone of cicadas. Unexpectedly, our trip to Croatia took me on a journey back to my childhood.

I wrote taste of home sometime ago, and now realised that there is also ‘sound of home’. The hight of summer and cicadas are inseparable to me but there is no cicadas in Berlin. In summer, I always feel like something is missing no matter how high the temperature goes up! I flew from such Berlin and arrived at Split Airport in Croatia. What first caught my ear was the drone of cicadas. For a fraction of a second, I was at my mother’s place in Japan and listening a huge chorus of cicadas coming through windows closed.

Furthermore, a seaside town Stobreč, where we stayed, had so many elements that reminded of my hometown in a very nostalgic way: a balcony with drying laundry, a steep road paved with asphalt, electrical wire or staircase handrails with paint peeling off and little rusty, which all became unfamiliar to me since living in Germany. Every time I turned a corner, a scene from my childhood appeared in front my eyes. While listening to the drone of cicadas, I stood still and compared the picture in front of me to my memory in my head repeatedly. I was nervous somewhat. Maybe because they surprisingly resembled each other, I felt as if it were illusion and could vanish just like that…

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