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Living in a foreign country for a long time, the taste of mom’s cooking will become the teste of home. However, the teste of home is not necessarily Japanese, and the taste of Asia evolves into the taste of home. Among other Asian food, I think Chinese food is as special as Japanese food, in terms of its connection to my feelings, and when I have a flavoursome Chinese dish I am so happy and feel home. It might be a bit too rough if I regard Chinese food as the taste of my home, which has quite different lifestyles and values to ones of Japanese, but I cannot help it. I feel home when eating Chinese food…

This Chinese restaurant is located in Northville, a small village in Upstate New York. I love their timeless atmosphere and non-Americanness, despite it is standing right in the middle of the authentic Americanness, and I feel home every time I go. They are undoubtedly “the taste of home” when I am visiting America.

If I ever leave Germany, where I live for 20 years, what will be “the taste of Germany” that I find sentimental about after settling down in a new place? I think, it can be a slice of sour bread, rollmops (pickled herring fillets) and a glass of red win, that is the Kaltes Essen!

photographed in jul/2018

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