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In Germany, Christmas is a family event like New Year in Japan. So, when December starts “when are you going home?” becomes one of the most common phrases, and the Christmas mood makes most people restless because there are so many things to prepare! But in a city like Berlin, those who cannot go to their parents due to various reasons, that is, foreigners like me and tourists who enjoy vacations; I call it a cannot-go-home-race. What will these people do during this festive season? The answer is endless “Christmas parties”. Until New Year’s Eve, “this race” will go to a party almost every night, inviting or being invited at different venues (mostly someone’s home), and spending decadent days of eating and drinking a lot. Literally, that’s all we do. Yes, I was also a member of this race before my children were born.

This year, the whole world was surrounded by covid-19, or we were rather affected by the swell of pandemic. I saw many scenes of “unreal” that were likely to be seen in a science fiction movie. I wonder where will I be at this time next year? I may be watching a lot of tourists in bustling Berlin and packing my suitcase for a new year trip to Japan. Hopefully, I will be feeling good and fresh, having overcome “unreality”.

photographed in dec/2017

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