gentlemen’s circle

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A barbershop has a distinct style which is never affected by changes in fashion. Its aesthetics are consistent regardless of the country in which it is located. The shop design is not cool, I would say, but its off-ness is too off, and ends up being super cool. I like its indescribable atmosphere; a man pursuing his aesthetics without compromising, both customer and barber playing a serious game, and a fine-balanced tension between these two. All can be seen from the shop window. The reason I am so interested in this gentlemen’s world is maybe because I grew up surrounded by women.

I encountered this barbershop near West Broadway in NY. If you ask me what is special about this, I cannot come up with anything particular except for the cute neon scissors. But what I believe makes a barbershop so fascinating is this “uncharacteristics”. Being an ordinary barbershop is actually the way to be a barber shop. All should look identical while being slightly different. Its timeless and borderless aesthetics is simply cool.

photographed in jul/2018

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