where is your home?

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When you learn the origin of the thing, which you have seen so many times nearly unconsciously, you kind of feel closer to it. I have seen this “TABAC” sign at the bar counter in a berlin café where I go sometimes and I thought it’s pretty. So, when I encountered this sign in the first-ever night walk in Paris, it opened my view; “ah, this is your home”. That should be it. Because the café I mentioned is a French café-bar, called Garçon!

“TABAC” is from France, now I know. If I just knew it already, I won’t be so surprised. However, there are many moments, when a thing suddenly makes sense and two dots connected naturally. In far-east Japan, you will see a lot of things that are not originally from the country. Therefore, Japanese can discover “the origin of the thing” while traveling abroad. “Didn’t you know it?” if someone says to me I just have to agree but discovering “the origin” gives you a similar sensation when you came out of the tunnel and the sight becomes clear.

photographed in dec/2017

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