Berlin AD No.1

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German Ads have no safeguard for a potential audience who might be scared or shocked by their expression. It is made, in a sense, “for grownups” and I sometimes think, they maybe use that impact as an effect of the Ads. Whether you like this poster or not, it catches your attention, and I personally find it cool that Berlin puts up such poster with edgy design. (By the way, this poster alarms a cyber attack)

German way of communication is direct and doesn’t seem to value subtle and unobtrusive expression, comparing to Japanese one. Their directness without any “candy-coating” is quite shocking sometimes, and I was quite surprised at first. But the world is as full of dirty and scary things as clean and pretty things. I wonder, the reason German children look grown-up for their age is maybe because they can learn what adult is from this “for grownups” Ads.

photographed in sep/2020

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