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In the NY subway, I often encountered street performers. From a jazz drummer to a pop percussionist, they looked like the very New Yorker to me, and I got really excited everytime I saw them. But somehow, I couldn’t help feeling ‘I saw this somewhere before.’ Therefore I didn’t feel urge to press the shutter button.

The subway platform where I saw this young lady didn’t seem a famous basking spot, neither was she a typical performer with an energetic move. Though her mood was so quiet and self-effacting, and creating an aura, I was fascinated and couldn’t help looking at her. Because it was so real. To be very honest, I cannot remember what kind of music she was playing. But her face with eyes dropping down and melancholic mood stays in my mind even now.

Encountering street musicians, many thoughts come across my mind. Their dream, their real life and their love for music… Unexpectedly, I became so used to listening to the digitalized music but it is always the best if you can listen to it live, as being a bit of a musician who knows pleasure and fear of performing in front of people.

photographed in jul/2018

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